What is this?


Using music in class is one of the secret weapons of a d.school learning experience –– it sets the tone and can shift the energy of a room in a heartbeat. During a generative moment, music distracts the inner critic. During a reflective moment, it can focus the mind. 

Creating a soundtrack for a learning experience has a few nuances. Namely, it should support, and not distract from the task at hand. We've found the best background music has few or no lyrics*, is familiar but not too catchy and is a bit repetitive. 

Stream two readymade playlists (via Spotify).  

They were curated by d.school creative director, Scott Doorley. Feel free to share them wildly if you'd like. 

The first list, "Active" is designed to support making and physical activity. It's meant to occupy that part of the brain that is bent on blocking creative flow. It's bouncy and upbeat. 

The "Reflective" list features quieter, lower key tunes that can act as background music for small group discussions or individual work. 


* We've found singing in a language other than that spoken by students works well too. 



Scott Doorley is the Creative Director at the d.school and a music lover.