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Prototyping Dashboards

Early in a design project, prototyping is useful to explore ideas and learn more about people. Two categories of prototypes are solution-oriented prototypes and empathy-oriented prototypes. (Of course these are not mutually exclusive.)

A solution-oriented prototype tests a solution you are exploring. This simple worksheet prompts you to quickly but intentionally plan how to create a test your prototype. The worksheet prompts you to set your intention: Who is testing the concept? What are you trying to learn with the prototype? And then consider how to make the testing experiential and not just theoretical: How do people experience the concept in context and not just imagine what it might be like?

An empathy-oriented prototype (or empathy probe) is generally not intended to test or explore a particular solution but instead designed to maximize your learning about a person or people. This worksheet prompts you to consider how you can create a situation or give a task to someone to better understand his/her thinking or behavior.