What is this?


Step 1: Watch this video!

This video outlines how we reimagined assessment with the escape room model.

Step 2: Download (and print) this toolkit

This is your how-to guide to design a low-cost escape room in your classroom, and how to use our materials to measure your students’ collaboration skills.

Step 3: Print out the collaboration/reflection materials

These are the materials you will use to help students identify what good collaboration is, and how they are working together. Instructions for how to use these materials can be found in the escape room toolkit.

Collab resources.jpg

Step 4: Help us improve these materials

Fill out this quick survey. It takes less than 10 minutes.

Step 5: Go forth and build!

PuzzleTruckConstruction_0218_PatrickBeaudouin_019 (1).jpg

Share what you make with us on our Twitter @k12lab!

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