Field Notes
Emerging Tech x Design

In 2018, the launched an Emerging Tech Initiative. Our goal is to provide radical access to technologies like artificial intelligence and blockchain. We want people of all ages, races, professions, and genders to be able to use tech as a medium in their work.

We are designers and educators and we consider technology, data, and both the positive and negative, intended and unintended consequences of their use to be a critical component of design work.

In order for the technologies of today and tomorrow (and the products, experiences, and systems they are embedded in) to represent all of us, they need to be built by all of us.

The world needs YOU to be a tech person.

We want to develop a fluency in emerging technologies as a medium of design in all people. Join us at one of our upcoming public workshops for a chance to explore emerging technology in an active, hands-on learning experience.

April 19, 9:30-12p // Machine Learning

June 14, 9:30-12p // Machine Learning

dTeachingSummit_2018_PatrickBeaudouin_102 (1).jpg


Several tools have been developed alongside the introductory learning experiences that can be utilized as standalone resources.