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We all need to love algorithms

Imagine a world where you actually love technology. You love it because it represents you. You were included in its creation. You have influence over its design and applications. In order for the technologies of today and tomorrow (and all the things they power) to represent all of us, they need to be built by all of us.

You don’t have to know the code, but you do need to know what the code can do.

If you understand what machine learning algorithms can do, you can better envision the implications of your designs. You can influence conversations about data and bias.

Each algorithm is explained three ways: text, cartoon, and questions you might have if you need to use it.

The ‘I Love Algorithms’ card deck enables anyone, technical or not, to prototype with machine learning.

 This card deck explains six common machine learning algorithms: Classification, Clustering, Reinforcement Learning, Dimensionality Reduction, Regression, and Association. Each algorithm is explained in three ways: (1) Cartoon, (2) Simple text description (3) Styles of questions you might ask that the algorithm might service.

Try on algorithms with the card deck and associated worksheets. These resources are used in longer learning experiences, but they can also stand alone.

The cards allow you to manipulate highly technical concepts without screens. In the same way you might prototype a chair by building models out of foam core, or prototype an app with wireframe mock-ups, you can use the I Love Algorithms card deck to prototype with machine learning in low resolution.

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