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A multidisciplinary, human-centered approach to designing systems of machine learning intended to empower a new and more diverse generation of innovators.

As machine learning makes its way into all kinds of products, systems, spaces, and experiences, we need to train a new generation of creators to harness the potential of machine learning and also to understand its implications. This class invites a mix of designers, data scientists, engineers, business people, and diverse professionals of all backgrounds to help create a multi-disciplinary environment for collaboration. Through a mixture of hands-on guided investigations and design projects, students will learn to design systems of machine learning that create lasting value within their human contexts and environments. designwith.ml

Learn With

Teaching Team

Abhay Agarwal

Machine Learning Researcher, Stanford

Michelle Carney
UX Designer and Researcher

Anand Rajaraman
Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist


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  • Winter 2019

  • DESINST 240

  • 3 Units

  • Letter Grade

  • Wed. 4:30-7:20p

  • Studio 2


Apply by Friday, Nov 30 2018.

Accepting 25 students.

Open to graduate students, undergraduate students, fellows, and post-docs.