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Making this book helps us synthesize across the huge breadth of classes, activities, students, and ideas that happened at the d.school this year. We hope that as you read it, you’ll feel connected to people across our teaching and learning community, and generate ideas for collaborations and experiments of your own in the coming year.

2017-2018 was a year of synthesis, curriculum development, research, and sharing. We went deep on understanding ambiguity. We pursued year-long engagements with PhD students. We re-involved some former fellows. We collected data to understand our impact on students. We did a few other things too...

Intangible Terrain

This is the year of the intangibles. Our community engaged these design abilities–in particular Navigate Ambiguity, in many ways.

Collaborative Possibility

The space between people, disciplines, and ideas is the opportunity for design. Here we examine the great potential in overlaps.

Creative Contexts

We measure learning. We keep track of place. We try to make sense of people. We teach design to address the future contexts and creative pursuits of our students.


Editor in chief, design + layout: Carissa Carter

Content curation: Mark Grundberg

Data acquisition and analysis: Megan Stariha Photography: Patrick Beaudouin, Jac Carlson

All of the work we do is a collective effort and made possible by the d.school team, our teaching community, and the students we serve.