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Designing Workplace Rituals for Flow, Meaning, and Resilience

Work is changing in unprecedented ways. Existing workplace values and norms are constantly being challenged with the organizational shifts (distributed teams, flat structures, generational divide) and the emergent technology (robots, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality.) These challenges, on one hand, threaten the work as we know it. On the other hand, they create a significant opportunity to define the future of work and reimagine the workplace for the better.

Workplace rituals are powerful tools as they help people live by their values, ground norms and facilitate daily behaviors. In this class, students will discover values, norms, and potential moments for rituals. Then they design, implement and test rituals with partnering organizations.

This is a project-based pop-up where students work closely with each other and partnering organizations in nimble and experimental ways. This class is intended for students who want to get deeper in designing experiences and services in organizational contexts.

Learn With

Teaching Team

Kursat Ozenc
User Experience Design, SAP

Josh McVeigh-Schultz
Hybrid Ethnographer, Design Researcher, and Media Maker