What will I learn?


Using game mechanics to make change stick.

From parents of pre-teens to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, everyone has behaviors they want to incentivize in others. In this pop-out, we'll unpack some of the core mechanics of game play, and how to leverage them to motivate and drive others, and yourself. Throughout our two days together, we’ll introduce a new game mechanic and, by playing games, analyzing game play and prototyping gamified experiences we will explore ways to use that mechanic to impact behavior. In this class we will:

  • Analyze 5 of these mechanics, understand how they are used in digital and tabletop games, and unpack how to apply them to support change

  • Apply this knowledge to real-world change challenges

  • Design, playtest, and evaluate “game-changing” solutions

Your instructors will share the ways we have used elements of competition, cooperation, and fun as designers who have driven change and learning initiatives at companies like Virgin America, SAP, and Virgin Orbit. From simple card games used to teach flight attendants the importance of service consistency to full-scale escape rooms that help drive better teamwork, your instructors have used the building blocks of gameplay to increase learning and increase fun. Join us to descend the chutes and climb the ladders of behavior change.

Learn With

Teaching Team

Jesse Harris
Director of Talent & Organization Strategy, Virgin Orbit

Laura Pickel
Educator & Designer, SAP & IDEO U

Sarah McDevitt
CEO & Founder, Core Wellness

Katie Cheng
Stanford School of Education