What will I learn?


Combining the science and behavior play for better design thinking, creativity and playful living.

From Play to Innovation is a class focused on enhancing the innovation process with playfulness. We will investigate the human “state of play” to reach an understanding of its principal attributes and how important it is to creative thinking. We will explore play behavior, its development, and its biological basis. We will then apply those principles through design thinking to promote innovation in the corporate world. Students will work with real-world partners on design projects with widespread application.

Learn With

Teaching Team

Brendan Boyle
Founder, IDEO Play Lab

Elysa Fenenbock
Desinger-in-Residence, Google

John Cassidy
Founder, Klutz

Dr. Stuart Brown
Founder, National Institute for Play

Dr. Stuart Thompson
Professor, Neurobiology, Hopkins Station, Thompson Research Lab


Any questions?

How can I contact the teaching team?

Email bboyle@ideo.com



  • Spring 2019

  • ENGR 280

  • 10 weeks

  • T/Th 1:30-2:50

  • 2-4 units

  • Letter Grade

  • Studio 2



Apply by March 8th, 11:59pm.

Applications are closed.

Accepting 30-40 Graduate Students, Undergraduate Students, Fellows and Post-docs