What will I learn?


Navigate ambiguity. Uncover real needs. Supercharge your inner innovator.

Most real problems worth solving are real messy and full of ambiguity. In Design Thinking Studio you’ll practice navigating that ambiguity using techniques for gathering data, framing problems, generating a lot of innovative ideas, and running quick tests to choose the right ones. You’ll hone your ability to create unexpected, world changing, human-centered innovations. And you’ll do it all through real world projects, immersive fieldwork, and deep collaboration with teammates from across the university.

You’ll also practice integrating emerging technologies into a truly human-centered design process. We’ll explore the landscape of emerging tech together, and design transformational innovations using real human needs (not just shininess!) to guide the paths our ideas take.


Learn With

Teaching Team

Rich Cox Braden
CEO, People Rocket

Tessa Forshaw
Lecturer, d.school

Colin Coltrera
Learning Experience Designer / Coach

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Email Rich Cox Braden (richcox@stanford.edu)