What will I learn?


In Design for Healthy Behaviors, you will apply Stanford’s 60-year tradition of design thinking to explore questions around health behavior change: How might we improve our own health behaviors? How might we improve health behaviors in patients with chronic illness? How might we promote long-term human health in areas around food and nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress, and mindfulness?

To explore these questions you will work on two main design projects in the class. In one project you will work with a partner to improve elements of each other’s health. In the other project, the centerpiece of the course, you will team up with another partner and undertake a quarter-long project to work with a patient-volunteer who is managing a chronic illness. Your challenge will be to work with your partner and use the design thinking process to help and support your patient-volunteer in making behavioral changes in their lifestyle to improve aspects of their health. The patients we work with have volunteered and have been referred to our class by one of the teachers of the course, Dr. Nancy Cuan MD, who helps to lead the Stanford Coordinated Care Clinic. Through these projects, from the teaching team, from a number of invited guests and from each other, you will learn and use the fundamentals of the design thinking process to develop your process of habit change and healthy habit formation. 

Learn With

Teaching Team

Dennis Boyle
IDEO, Design for Health

Dr. Nancy Lum Cuan MD
Director of Stanford Coordinated Care Clinic

Dr. Sarah Mummah PhD
PhD Human Behavioral Science, Design Researcher, Food Entrepreneur

Ben Alpers
Course Assistant, Product Design masters student


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How do I contact the teaching team?

Email us at dennis@ideo.com and smummah@ideo.com