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Why is this a problem worth solving (or designing for)? Often we think of products or experiences, or even larger systemic areas to design for, but are we considering the whole landscape?

This is a poster-size workshop tool that helps participants identify all the opportunities for design interventions across the data, tech, product, experience, system, implication landscape described above. Teams use it to expand the scope of their work.

Map the Problem Space invites learners to delve into the interconnected landscape of design.

I used to think the focus is on the data, algorithms and models when it comes to machine learning...

Now I think it is really important and necessary to understand the whole problem - the human needs, the systems, etc. - to figure out the type of algorithms and data are needed.”
— I Love Algorithms Workshop Participant, Fall 2018

Groups Map the Problem Space during a Machine Learning workshop.


Carissa Carter

Megan Stariha

Mark Grundberg