What is this?


This deck is your handy toolkit for practicing Liberatory Design.


The process is adapted from the Stanford d.school's design thinking process to create opportunities for the human-centered designer to NOTICE + REFLECT on the identities, experiences and biases they bring to a design opportunity. Further, through the practice of liberatory design, equity-centered designers begin to notice the larger historical context of oppression and opportunity inherent in the design process. This card deck includes 3 sections:

  1. Liberatory Design Process. An adapted design thinking process that include steps we believe are essential to practice design for equity.
  2. Liberatory Design Mindsets. To practice Liberatory Design authentically, it is important to carry certain mindsets in all the work you do to design for diversity, inclusion, equity and ultimately, liberation.

  3. Liberatory Design Do Nows. Small actions you can take now to practice Liberatory Design.

We believe you get the most out of this tool by printing the entire deck on 3x5 cards. Please use and share widely.


Tania Anaissie Stanford d.school

Victor Cary National Equity Project

David Clifford Stanford d.school

Tom Malarkey National Equity Project

Susie Wise Stanford d.school