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Leading Disruptive Innovation is a course that teaches the coaching and leadership skills needed to drive good design process in groups. d.leaders will work on real projects driving design thinking projects within organizations, and gain real world skills as they experiment with their leadership style while coaching innovation projects.

Take this course if you are inspired by past design classes and want skills to lead innovative work beyond Stanford. Preference given to students who have taken other Design Group or d.school classes.

Background: The d.school “flips” ~800 students/year to believe in the power of design thinking. Many of these folks encounter cultural roadblocks in the organizations they join after leaving Stanford. We believe there’s an opportunity to equip a few of our best and brightest with the skills they need. Not only to engage the design thinking process themselves, but also to teach and to lead others beyond Stanford. This is the first advanced-level design thinking course the d.school has offered. As such, the only prerequisite is ROCKING another d.school course.

See this amazing prototype d.leaders and a small team at San Francisco Opera created as part of their d.leadership work and challenge to Reimagine Opera for Millennials.

Bay Area companies and organizations interested in partnering with d.leadership:

Applications are due 4:00pm, November 15th.

Accepting 20 graduate students, fellows and post-docs.


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Teaching Team

Kathryn Segovia

Jeremy Utley

Perry Klebahn
d.school & ME Design

Bob Sutton
Management Science & Engineering


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Contact Kathryn at kathryn@dschool.stanford.edu