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Ignite your social movement and engage, enlist and empower others. Designer. Performer. Citizen.

So, you have an idea... or a movement brewing! How do you engage, enlist and empower others?

You want to discover and refine your passion and message. Your idea might be a campaign, a product launch, a piece of art, or a dialogue you want to foster. Come with a hunch and we’ll help you and your team refine and articulate it.

You will draw from social science research paired with performance craft and design theory to influence others. Learn techniques to broaden your authentic behavioral range in life, and in production. Craft a user experience as an ensemble and receive coaching in design and performance to hone your message. Explore different mediums for delivery, inspired by the performance world. This might take the form of a traditional speech, a community event, performance art, or digital video. Prototype your devised creative production with a live audience.

Designer. Performer. Citizen.

Take a sneak peek inside the classroom with the initial Pop-Out version of this course: https://vimeo.com/261894886


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