What will I learn?


Urban development that serves human communities

Cities and real estate generate lively public discussions, passionate community meetings, and political shouting matches. But how does a project actually get proposed and built? We explore the key actors and influencers in the urban built environment, ranging from planners to real estate companies to community advocates.This d.school experience aims to deepen our insights about stakeholders, so that we gain a more empathetic understanding of how a city is built, and identify potential opportunities for improving the process of urban intervention and regeneration to be more responsive to citizens and responsible to society.

Learn With

Teaching Team

Deland Chan
Stanford Human Cities Initiative, Program on Urban Studies

Kevin Hsu
Stanford Human Cities Initiative, d.school


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How can I contact the teaching team?

Deland@stanford.edu, Khsu@stanford.edu



  • Spring 2018
  • 6 Weeks
  • URBANST 104
  • 3 Units
  • Letter Grade
  • M/W/F, 1:30 – 4:20p (from 4/23-5/9). For the remainder of the quarter, we will meet only Wednesdays to work on the project deliverables and prepare for the final presentation.
  • Studio 2


Apply by Fri, March 9

Accepting 30 students

Open to Graduate students, Undergraduate students, Fellows & Post-Docs

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