Design Thinking Bootcamp

During Bootcamp, participants will take part in an immersive, real-world project to actively learn the’s human-centered, prototype-driven approach to innovation.

Basic Information

Offered in March, July and September each year

4-day program at Stanford, 1 hour for pre-work, and 3 day remote post-program

Open-enrollment for individuals (small (<5) teams and partners encouraged to apply)

Taught in English

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Enrollment open for March, July, September 2020


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Program details

“ is like riding a bike...except the bike is a skateboard...and the skateboard is made from 17,689 paperclips...and through the design thinking process and empathy journeys...your team creates magic for users.”

— Susan Newman, Director of Project Management at Decagon Devices, March 2016 Alum

Customer Focused Innovation

Learn about cutting-edge social science frameworks and design thinking techniques in a unique partnership between the Stanford Graduate School of Business and

You should apply to CFI if...

You want to opportunity to flex both your business and your creative muscles. You are a C-level or senior executive who is leading and directing teams that are charged with planning and implementing innovation programs. You don't mind getting your hands dirty.

The basics:

Offered in October each year

Multi-day program at Stanford with pre-work and post-program coaching 

Program consists of a combination of lecture and activities in small groups

Open-enrollment for individuals

Teams and duos encouraged to apply 

Taught in English

Customer Focused Innovation

Enrollment Open for October 2018


Innovation Workshops

Our Innovation Workshop is a fast-paced, hands-on exposure to design thinking, and will disrupt how participants identify and tackle business challenges.

Over the course of 3 hours, workshop participants will learn how-to:

Frame business challenges by utilizing empathy tools, pinpointing meaningful insights and developing a user-centric perspective

Brainstorm concepts and rapidly prototype low-resolution solutions

Share rough and rapid prototypes to gather feedback and gain an even deeper understanding of their user

The basics:

Fee: Submit request for pricing

Program duration: 3 hours (duration cannot be modified)

Capacity: Private workshop for 40 or less (radical diversity encouraged)

Scheduling: After determining a date/time slot that works best for your group, the Executive Education team will check for space and facilitator availability. There are no set times, although most prefer 9-12pm or 1-4pm and host lunch/dinner nearby.

Taught in English

Innovation Workshop

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Innovation @ Work

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