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“Students take on real-world projects in our classes and labs, giving them practice and confidence in their innovation process.”


Spring 2016

Applications are now closed. See each class page for more info.

Core Classes

In a core class you can expect a well-rounded design thinking experience that will flex your skills in most (if not all) core design thinking abilities. While the subject matter and style of each course differs, our core classes will be your most comprehensive design thinking experience. Offered for credit. Length varies.

Advanced Design Studio
Creativity and Innovation
d.org :: prototyping organizational change
Design for Extreme Affordability (Ongoing: Winter + Spring)
Design Garage (Ongoing: Winter + Spring)
Design Thinking for Public Policy Innovators
Designing Solutions to Global Grand Challenges
From Play to Innovation
Methods in Systems Thinking
Organizational Psychology of Design Thinking

Boost Classes

Boost classes help you enhance your design thinking toolkit. they aren’t comprehensive introductions to design thinking, rather they focus on 2-3 key abilities and offer a rigorous learning experience that will amplify your design thinking chops no matter your experience level or areas of interest. Offered for credit. Length Varies.

Creative Gym
Visual Design Fundamentals

Pop-Up Classes

If you’re looking for a short, fun activity for a weekend, take up a pop-up class. No credit offered. One weekend in length.

Chaos to Clarity : finding order in a disorganized world
Green Alleys SF: Eco-Neighborhood Innovations
Needfinding in the Wild
Research as Design: Redesign Your Research Process
Synthesis – finding the meaning that matters

Our Most Experimental Pop-Ups:

Connectors, Analyzers & Quiet Listeners
Design with the Brain in Mind
Emotion by Design

Special Course for PHd, Post-Doc, Grads & Fellows:

Out of the Lab: Design Thinking for Scientists & Engineers in the Real World


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