Fellows have been an integral part of the d.school since our founding. While our fellowship programs have changed shape a number of times in the last twelve years, we have remained focused on creating top-notch design educators and infusing the d.school with new perspectives and talent.

In fact, we’re sitting on mounds of extraordinary work and we want to get it out into the world. For this reason, we’re giving the fellowship yet another geometry this fall with the dual goals of (1) synthesizing and sharing some of the super-neat projects in the pipeline, and (2) continuing to expand and nurture our community of design educators.

We’re excited to approach this next chapter from three different angles:

  1. Deep synthesis, production, expression, and distribution of specific content. We’re inviting specific individuals from our Teaching and Learning community to tackle this portfolio of work.
  2. Week-long mini-residencies with alums of the Teaching Fellowship to create new work based on their experiences in the world beyond Stanford since their fellowship days.
  3. A one-week session in early December for designers across the country to experiment and create with us. We will use an application process for this session. If you were hoping to apply for the full-year fellowship, this would be a great place to start. We hope to get to know many more people through this process than we typically would through the full-year fellowship model. 

We’re planning to open applications for full-year fellows again in Spring 2018.



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