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Professional development in K12 education often feels like a chore, and it does little to foster the creative potential of teachers in schools. The K12 Lab Network designs professional development experiences that inspire educators and sets them on a journey to creatively engage with their students, content and school. Whether an experience, resource or tool, we are constantly developing ways to build the creative confidence of educators.

We teach teachers in the ways they are now being asked to teach -- in immersive real-world projects and experiences where creative problem-solving matters most. Since doing beats talking about doing, we embrace jumping into new, invigorating experiences. Sure, there’s some initial discomfort, but the reward becomes clear as educators stretch beyond their comfort zone to pick up new skills and mindsets.


Project Wayfinder Educator Training

Help high schoolers find their purpose


Discover Design Thinking

A two day immersive dive into design thinking


Design Thinking Burst

Two hour introductions to the process