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The K12 Lab Network is pleased to offer Discover Design Thinking, an introduction to design thinking for teachers, educators, and school leaders. This three-day intensive workshop offers participants the opportunity to learn design thinking by tackling a real world problem, connect with like-minded educators from across our network, and collect resources and a plan for how to apply the process of design thinking in their local context.

Historically, we have run Discover Design Thinking with no charge to participants through the generosity of the General Motors Foundation and in-kind support from Stanford.  In an effort to improve the experience by adding an additional day and an increase in staffing, and to move toward a more equitable approach that makes it possible for educators from schools with extremely limited budgets to attend, we are going to begin charging a tuition fee for Discover Design Thinking.  Beginning with the August offering, we are offering three options:

  1. Full Tuition–This covers the full cost of your participation in Discover Design Thinking.  It allows us to reserve funds from our sponsor to support scholarships for attendees who cannot afford tuition.

  2. Subsidized Tuition–This is the baseline registration fee.  While it does not cover all of the costs, it helps enable us to provide a high quality experience for all attendees.  

  3. Tuition Scholarship–This provides an opportunity for participants who cannot afford tuition to attend Discover Design Thinking at no or low cost. We are currently pursuing funding to enable us to offer additional funds to cover travel and lodging for educators who would otherwise be unable to attend. If you'd like to know more, please email K12@dschool.stanford.edu with the subject “Discover Design Thinking Equity Scholarship.”   

Participants are welcome to apply as an individual from a school or organization or as a team of up to six people. Please have each participant submit a separate application.



Application closes 7/30


Date launches August

JUNE 2019 Discover Design Thinking

Date launches January