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The d.school Project Fellowship is a yearly program for "restless experts” – talented individuals with a record of remarkable work in their domains. These individuals are looking to go beyond what they know in order to spark innovation in their field, and the fellowship is an opportunity to do just that. Project fellows will use their deep knowledge along with the tools of design to actively conduct human-scale experiments and ignite systematic change in the world.

The impact of a fellow’s project is threefold: the change in people's lives affected by the project, the catalyzation of innovation through the systems fellows create, and the advancement of the field of innovation itself by demonstrating the impact of design at a systems level in various domains.

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Team Members

Thomas Both

Director, Project Fellowships

Marna Romanoff

Program Manager, Project Fellowships Program

Nadia Roumani

Senior Designer, Project Fellowship Program


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What is the project fellowship?

Not to be confused with our Teaching Fellowship, this hands-on, project-based program is intended to help accelerate leaders and their work. Our goal is to match passion and expertise with the design tools that lead to innovation.


Who does the d.school look for?

The d.school fellows are high-performers and self-starters. They possess an impulse for change and the know-how to make it happen. An ideal candidate will have:  1) A weathered and deep engagement with the problem they are trying to tackle;  2) A complex understanding of the problem’s root causes and the landscape of relevant actors and stakeholders;  3) An increasing belief that there is a different way to tackle the problem;  4) An incessant desire to experiment with alternative approaches. 

Can I keep my current job during the fellowship?

Depending on the partner organization, in some cases fellows may stay on that organization’s payroll and work closely with colleagues on their fellowship project. However, the fellowship is a full-time commitment; fellows must not have responsibilities in another job during the fellowship. The program requires full-time residency at Stanford for the first four months of the fellowship.





Project Fellows

Mark Brand

Project Fellow

Mario Lugay

Project Fellow

Angela McKee

Project Fellow

Sydney Smith-Heimbrock

Project Fellow

Mick Smyer

Project Fellow

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Maureen Carroll
Lime Design

Tracy DeLuca
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Sarah Nuernberger
Fuse Project

Hannah Mensing
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