What is this?


The 2016-17 yearbook explores and shares a number of recent experiments involving many members of our large and wonderful teaching community. Each article addresses various aspects around these important themes: 

Advancing experiential learning

We experimented with advancing our experiential learning practices in a number of new directions geographically, methodologically, and topically. 

From process to  ability

Our community has built on the design abilities platform in many ways this year, from running classes to teacher's lounge design sessions, synthesis with students and more.

Towards equity and inclusion

We explored equity and inclusion through courses, workshops, in the creation of new teaching artifacts, via teaching-specific grants, and more this year. 



All of the work we do is a collective effort and made possible by the d.school full-time team, our 115-member-strong teaching community, and the 1000+ students we serve. 

Your 2016-2017 Teaching + Learning team members are Carissa Carter and Mark Grundberg. We designed this yearbook and curated its content from the many authors shown throughout. Charlotte Burgess-Auburn was an invaluable chief editor. Stacey Gray, Sarah Stein Greenberg, and Emily Callaghan offered much-appreciated insight and feedback throughout. 

Photographs are either by us, Patrick Beaudouin, or provided by the authors of individual articles.