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The Stanford releases Uncharted Territory: A Guide to Reimagining Higher Education which explores the ways institutions have begun to chart new paths and re-design the student experience in higher ed. 

This reimagining higher ed conversation comes at a time when higher ed is facing a range of challenges from affordability and economic pressures to the changing needs of students. Noah Pickus of Duke Kunshan University (DKU) in Kunshan, China—an education leader interviewed for the guide—highlights the difference between content expertise and competencies, noting that “expertise can be oversold.” At DKU, they believe that the "ability to integrate knowledge and work across fields is more important than memorizing information that is already available on your phone.” 

Uncharted Territory launches on the five year anniversary of the original Stanford 2025 project, which put forth four provocations about possible futures for higher ed. Some of the ideas included the rise of the Open Loop University, which entails lifetime learning rather than a four year experience, and Purpose Learning, in which students declare missions not majors, among other ideas.

If Stanford 2025 was a look into the future, this iteration (Part 2 of Stanford 2025) is a current look at how education leaders are already reshaping education. It’s a collection of inspiring examples of leaders inside and outside of existing schools who are challenging traditional constraints and building new higher ed models. These leaders are innovating the student experience, such as increasing access for a more diverse set of students or enabling them to better bridge the academic institution and the world they enter after graduating. 

Inside the guide, the Stanford profiles 12 institutions, from long standing to ground-up institutions, on not just what they accomplished, but how they overcame obstacles. Along with the case studies are actionable tips for those ready to get started on their own campuses or beyond.

Read more in the original Field Note or download a free digital copy of the guide by filling out this form. 

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