By: Fellows in Residence

Teaching fellows are practicing designers who want to develop experiential teaching and learning methods for design and design thinking. 

Teaching fellows lead courses, build new methods, create artifacts and participate on a range of projects within the community. As we pursue depth and rigor with design thinking they help keep our methods fresh, relevant, and ever-evolving. 

The 2016-2017 cohort includes:

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Kareem Collie

A Brooklyn native, Kareem Collie is a visual communication specialist, design director and educator, cultural and media theorist, and design thinker. He earned his BFA in communication design from PRATT Institute in 2000 and an MA from NYU in 2016 with a concentration in cultural theory, communication and rhetoric in mass media. His research interests include cultural and critical theory, narrative, semiotics, reception theory, and visual storytelling.

As a design professional Kareem has over 15 years of experience in brand development, design management and marketing. He has designed, directed, and led on projects ranging from identity design, advertising and packaging to UX and exhibition design.He’s developed awarding winning work in advertising and branding for companies like USA Network and Nickelodeon. Kareem has also done product, marketing, and UX design for Coca-cola, Starwood Worldwide, and Mercedes Benz. 

From 2006-2011 Kareem was part owner and operator of Dimitrious II, a design studio focused on branding and marketing. At Dimitrious II he functioned as the creative director of a diverse team of visual, interactive and industrial designers and architects. Kareem was also an instructor at Pratt Institute from 2006-2013 where he taught the fundamentals of graphic design.

A deep thinker, visual storyteller, and maker, Kareem endeavors to inject more critical thinking into the creative process. This notion drives his research and design both in his practice and pedagogy.

Holly May Mahoney

Holly Mahoney is a service design strategist and experienced graphic designer with a diverse practice that spans the private and public sectors.

Before completing a Service Design MA degree at the Royal College of Art (RCA) in London, she worked as a Graphic Designer and Design Manager at some of the UK’s top creative agencies – including working on Legible London which has now become the gold standard for city wayfinding.

At the RCA she worked on complex social challenges as diverse as mental health, education for the 21st century and tackling the NHS’s bed-blocking problems.

Holly then went on to work as a Research Associate at the Helen Hamlyn Centre, in the Age & Ability Lab. Here she worked on redesigning the customer experience for Stannah, the world’s leading stairflift manufacturer. Convincing them to shift their business from product to a service focus, within 9 months she had prototyped and delivered a new customer experience which brought humanity and person-centred design back into their sales processes. Alongside this she led the co-design process for digital-health start-up Konnektis, helping to reimagine the social care space by using technology to improve the communication and collaboration between formal and informal carers, and ultimately improving care outcomes for older people.

Now based out of the, Holly is looking to inspire the next generation of design thinkers, endeavoring to show them that everyone can have positive social impact through design.

Stephanie Szabó

Stephanie is a seasoned design director and educator with over a decade of experience practicing and teaching Design Thinking.

With a background in business and design, she specializes in 'practical creativity' – developing research-backed tools and solutions to bridge the gap between business and user needs. 

As a Teaching Fellow at the Stanford, Stephanie focuses on creating new ways to experience and teach Design Thinking. A regular instructor to students from mixed disciplines––on topics such as synthesis, collaboration, leadership and innovation––she is empathetic to those finding creativity later in life, as it took her so long to find her own. 

Prior to Stanford, Stephanie worked as a design consultant for agencies including gravitytankedenspiekermann and Adaptive Path. She holds degrees from California College of the Arts and Boston University where she was a D1 athlete. She has taught at UC Berkeley, University of Dubai, Stanford University, General Assembly and California College of the Arts.

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