Our University Innovation Fellows (UIF) program community continues to grow and has reached a new milestone, training 1,000 students at 185 institutions since its inception five years ago. Fellows are leaders of change in higher education. They expose their peers to design thinking in order to help them develop creative confidence and an entrepreneurial mindset. The UIF community will celebrate this milestone with a November 2017 reunion of all Fellows at a one-day Music Design Challenge in Silicon Valley involving Pandora, Microsoft and Real Industry. Organizers are actively seeking partnerships with artists and others in the music industry.

New Fellows

The program reached this milestone on February 20 with the launch of its Spring 2017 cohort of Fellows; 224 students at 58 schools in seven countries took part in a rigorous online training to better understand the needs and opportunities at their schools. The new Fellows will gather at the d.school in March 2017 for a Silicon Valley Meetup, where they will learn about building movements, activating spaces for innovation, designing learning experiences, and new models for change in higher education. Learn more about the new Fellows here.

UIF in India

The program team has also expanded into India as part of a Google partnership to train 2 million mobile developers and help students succeed in the workforce. To date, there are 77 University Innovation Fellows at 21 schools in India. Learn more about the initiative here.

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