Audience: Students

Overview Creativity in Research Scholars are a diverse set of Stanford PhD students across all disciplines. In addition to their primary research activities, these individuals are learning and applying design thinking to push the boundaries of their work and create entirely new applications and approaches to their research.

This program is deeply participatory, rigorous, and meant for doctoral students that are eager to use creative practices and collaboration to create impact. Some previous projects include: (1) The Parkinson's Story Exchange - A collection of stories to help researchers understand the patients they are working to help, and patients an understanding of how they fit into the research picture. (2) What Does the Border Sound Like? - A music album with new songs by contemporary musicians in the Rio Grande Valley, and (3) The Collaborative Research Platform - An online platform to enable a visual and interactive form of collaborative research.

Learn more about the previous CIRS projects here.

Program Timing

This is a nine month program for the 2019-2020 academic year. Participants will take one class in the in autumn quarter (Design Thinking Studio) with seminar classes (Applying Design in Research I & II) in the winter & spring quarters focused on their capstone projects.

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Selection and Eligibility

Stanford PhD from any field are eligible and encouraged. You must have begun the research phase of your study and be able to discuss your research throughout the program. A group of 12-15 PhD students will be admitted with an effort to make the group as diverse as possible from as many angles as possible.

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