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In this class we will create a performance installation utilizing our expressive talents as dancers, architects and designers, but also accessing the ways that we are dancing and singing through life. Drawing from the everyday and extra daily movements, we will create a ‘sneaker ballet’ to integrate our everyday experiences into our wild imaginings. Students will participate in a Chocolate Heads collaborative making process which will include observation, the built environment, peripatetic crowds, sharing our individual  and collective expressive expertise in movement, music and art while also integrating and learning art forms and ways of thinking from other members of the class. Working in art spaces and galleries, students will gain awareness of spatial relationships and site navigation from the vantage point of architecture, theater, and dance. Through field trips, guest artists and lecturers, and collaborative sharing, teaching and learning, students will create a performance event that enlivens and illuminates an art gallery space that will foster community, unique expressivity, cultural understanding and fun. Designed for all levels.

Learn With

Teaching Team

Aleta Hayes, Lecturer in Theater and Performance Studies /Artistic Director Chocolate Heads

John Barton, Director of Architectural Design Stanford

Jamie Lyons, Creative Consultant /Director Site Specific Theater



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Email us at: ahayes1@stanford.edu