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How might we shape possible future livelihoods in the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

Livelihoods are under threat globally for millions of people due to factors spanning globalization, climate change, marine pollution, automation, and more. To thrive in this uncertain future, humans and their livelihoods will need to be adaptable to changing dynamics while maintaining a sense of agency and purpose. However, designing for people in this future isn't enough, we need to design with them. In this class we will explore the case study of “future possible fisheries livelihoods” and take a participatory design approach by designing together with fishers and fisheries workers.

Teaching Team 

Learn With

Tessa Forshaw

Erika Woolsey

Mark Caine
World Economic Forum Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Mary-Kate Morley Ryan
Senior Manager in Talent + Organization, Accenture

Eric Hartge
Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions


  • Spring 2019

  • No Credit

  • World Economic Forum Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Presidio (San Francisco)

  • Wednesday, May 8, 4-7:30p
    Wednesday May 15, 4-7:30p


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Accepting 16 Graduate, Undergraduate Students, Fellows, and Post-Docs, Community Members