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Stanford is great, but to make real impact in the world you will need to show what you can do beyond the farm. Whether you are a scientist, a historian, a medical student, a journalist, an entrepreneur, or a designer, in the near future you will find yourself telling your story to potential collaborators, funders, employers, and others. You can no longer rely on a resumé or a transcript to show a comprehensive range of your skills and experiences. As more work and workplaces become project-based, these formats fall short of revealing the potential you have. This class will help you create a portfolio—in whatever form is relevant to your field—that communicates your value and your values to prospective collaborators or employers. Students from all disciplines are encouraged to apply. This class will be most useful to students who have a future path in mind, regardless of when that will begin.


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Charlotte Burgess-Auburn

Caroline O'Connor

Sarah Stein Greenberg


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Email ocaroline@google.com, cbauburn@dschool.stanford.edu