What will I learn?


A ground-level course on real-world creativity.  No high-faluting philosophy. We will be learning time-tested tactics, tools and the occasional trick. Very real world.

Tactics of Creativity is a ground-level real-world class where we will be faced with specific creative challenges located at the world-famous Exploratorium museum in San Francisco. Our goal will be to provide students with time-tested tactics, tools and tricks. Not much over-arching philosophy; this is the stuff that just works.

Both instructors have long careers toiling in creative trenches where ridiculous deadlines and budgets roam freely. We will be sharing what we've learned out there but this is not a lecture class. Students will be assigned teams and projects and deliverables will be expected at the end of the session. Significant time will be spent on the floor of the Exploratorium observing the way users interact with the exhibits.

Teaching Team

Charlotte Burgess-Auburn
d.school instructor and legend
producer of creative settings and outcomes

John Cassidy
d.school instructor
founder, Klutz Books
juggler ordinaire


Any questions?

How can I contact the teaching team?

Send an email to cbauburn@dschool.stanford.edu