What will I learn?


How might we prepare underrepresented learners to succeed wildly in tech careers?

Learners at East Palo Alto-based StreetCode Academy are working to master skills in coding, entrepreneurship and design— yet excellent technical skills aren’t all they need for a successful career in the tech world. We hypothesize that mindset is one of the big keys to their success, but how might we build a series of short-yet-potent experiences to support their development of that resilient mindset over time?

Work side-by-side with diverse tech learners, tech professionals, and StreetCode community members for a real-world design challenge. Together we’ll create and test five-to-fifteen minute experiences to help learners cultivate a powerful mindset – one that will give them the resilience and creative confidence they need to become rising stars in the tech world.

You’ll have opportunities to:

1)      Learn from Other People & Contexts – Empathize and build solutions right along with the users you’re designing for, rather than simply interviewing and imagining

2)      Navigate Ambiguity – Practice designing solutions that are experiences rather than products, knowing there are many variables at play

3)      Rapidly Experiment – Prototype experiences alongside novice learners and successful tech professionals who have a clear mental model of their contexts and what might make a difference for young learners on a similar trajectory

Mindset is a puzzle we must solve if we’re going to effectively prepare underrepresented learners for a lifetime of career success in the field of tech. 

Come out to explore, imagine and test the kinds of hands-on experiences and simulations that may help StreetCode’s learners gain the power to persevere and thrive in the tech workplace.

Teaching Team

Zanette Johnson, PhD
Experience Designer, Intrinsic Impact Consulting
Director of Research and Program Development, StreetCode

Justin Ferrell
Adjunct Professor, d.school

Lavell Russell
Entrepreneur & Marketing Consultant, H.O.O.D. Pledge & COFA Enterprise
Lead Instructor, StreetCode

Kelsey Lotus Wong
Creative Consultant, DSIL Global
Coachconsultant, Delivering Happiness


Any questions?

Who do I contact with questions?

Zanette Johnson at zanette@streetcode.us