What will I learn?


Redesign systems using blockchain. Open to students with any level of technical ability.

This project-based course will give creative students an opportunity to work together on revolutionary change leveraging blockchain technology. The course will provide role-playing opportunities to internalize blockchain concepts, as well as group discussion of blockchain fundamentals in a flexible format accessible to those with or without a strong technical background. Specific topics include: incentives, ethics, crypto-commons, values, FOMO 3D, risks, implications and social good. Application and impact areas may come from medicine, law, economics, history, anthropology, or other sectors. Students will each discover a new possible use-case for blockchain and prototype their vision for the future accordingly. Student diversity of background and foreground valued highly.

Learn With

Teaching Team

John Mitchell
Stanford Computer Science

Ann Miura-Ko
Floodgate, Stanford MS&E


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How can I contact the teaching team?

Email Carissa at carissa@dschool.stanford.edu


  • Winter 2019

  • 2 Units

  • Letter Grade

  • F 9:30-11:20a

  • Studio 2


Apply by Friday, Nov 30 2018

Open to Graduate students, Undergraduate Students, Fellows, and Postdocs