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Everyone at the d.school loops through cycles of learning, teaching and doing. Our classes are team taught by a robust mix of faculty and industry leaders, combining disciplines like bioengineering with political science, and CEOs with elementary school policy-makers. We believe these dynamic and sometimes contrasting points of view encourage students to see the open-ended nature of innovation and to trust themselves to find their own way forward.

Each quarter we call on our teaching community to submit proposals for classes and pop-outs. Our greenlighting process lets us work together to create the most comprehensive offering for our students.


Getting your class greenlit: 

1. Well before the quarterly course proposal deadline, familiarize yourself with the d.school, the courses we teach, and our space.

2. Concretize your ideas, form a diverse teaching team and prepare a draft proposal of a course you’re interested in teaching.

3. Visit us during office hours well before the course proposal deadline. This is required. We don’t greenlight courses from new teams that we haven’t met. Bring a draft of your class proposal as well as a detailed course arc and plan with you for feedback. It’s very helpful to have something specific to respond to versus general ideas.

4. Iterate on your course, and submit your proposal by the quarterly deadline. Be prepared to share the experiences you’ll create for students.


Topical areas of interest:

Climate and oceans will be an area of focus for the 2018-2019 academic year. Equity, engagement and inclusion will continue as a key theme, and we encourage all teaching teams to pursue this theme in some way. Instead of giving you a definition and parameters for the topic, we’re excited for you to interpret and apply it to your course in a way that interests you.

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Office hours

Office hours take place at the d.school, upstairs in the Teaching & Learning Suite and are hosted by our Director of Teaching & Learning, Carissa Carter.

Office Hours for Autumn Class Proposals:

Wed, April 11 @ 2-3p

Thurs, April 19 @ 3:30-4:30p

Wed, May 2 @ 3:00-4:00p

Thurs, May 3 @ 9-10a

Propose a Class: Autumn 2018

Autumn class proposals are now closed.

Propose a Pop-Out: Autumn 2018

Autumn class proposals are now closed.

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