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Hey there!

If you’re reading this then you want to learn more about design thinking—and we’re excited about that!

We’re also excited to let you know that we are currently designing a new crash course experience for people just like you.

Cool, so what does that mean? Good question! And two answers:

1.) As of May 1st, 2019 the original “Virtual Crash Course Video” will no longer be available to view or download :(. However, the D.gift Giving Worksheets and the Facilitator’s Guide are still available below.
2.) We are looking for folks interested in helping us co-design, prototype and/or test our new crash course that is currently in the works and planned to launch in Fall 2019.

So if you are interested in collaborating with us to bring a fresh version to life—share some information with us below and we’ll be in touch! (In the fortunate event that we get lots of interest, we might not be able to reach out to everyone.)
— Seamus Yu Harte, d.school Experience and Curriculum Designer
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It's optional to provide the following info. We're asking because it'll help us design for a more universal and accessible crash course and help in our understanding of how the resource is being used in different cultures and contexts.
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“Be a Design Thinking facilitator!”

Join a community of learners, do-ers and teachers. Journey through a Design Thinking experience, apply it in the real world, and go forth and teach others the methodology.

Facilitator Roles

Coordinate a group of participants and meeting space. There must be a minimum of 2 people, but no maximum for the number or participants.

Present Opening Remarks on WHAT Design Thinking is to you, and why this is an important exercise for the group. There are NO wrong answers here.

Facilitate and document the Crash Course debrief.

Help your team move from learning design thinking to doing design thinking by visiting “Chart your own course” — It may help you to review the various mixtapes ahead of time so that you have a hunch as to what direction your team might want to take.


Set up the room and materials.

Space should be configured to allow for participants to pair up near one another easily.

Have enough prototyping materials available (candy is always a nice add).

Please print the d.gift handout and modes/mindsets for each participant. You can find them in the sidebar above.

Read the Facilitator’s Guide

Download and print the Facilitator’s Guide. This is your guide to running the crash course.

Download the Facilitator’s Guide

The Kick-off

Instead of talking about design thinking, kick-off by diving in and experiencing it with the first activity.


Jeremy Utley, Scott Doorley, George Kembel, Perry Klebahn, Mark Hanlon, Janetti Chon, and Bruce Boyd