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What’s New with Residential Fellowships?

About Fellowships:

The d.school has experimented with many different approaches to fellowships since our founding. For example, early on we found that bringing recent graduates into the d.school helps us create learning experiences that are highly attuned to the needs of our incoming students, and more recently that selecting experienced designers who “grew up” in other design cultures to add to the mix helps shake up our methodology. A third variant: recruiting non-designers who are topical experts to be fellows teaches us about where design might be needed.

Over time our broader context changes and we have used this ever-evolving fellowship model to help the d.school change too. Our next iteration is as follows:

The d.school will not host residential Project Fellows in 2017-2018. We’re focused on consolidating and deepening the methods we’ve been developing through that program, and sharing them with a broader group of practitioners. (More about this in the next section.)

We are also taking another look at how we support deeper work on complex topics. We have some very early seed ideas about this and are currently exploring collaborations to undertake project work in the coming years. We’ll share more about this in the future.

We will be recruiting and interviewing for a new cohort of Teaching Fellows who will start in Fall 2018. Applications will open in March or April of 2018. Teaching Fellows are accomplished designers who want to advance their teaching practice and have something new to add to d.school methodology, content, and pedagogy.

Check out this page to learn more about recent Teaching Fellows.


Designing for Social Systems

Earlier this year, we announced the formation of the Designing for Social Systems program. Building on our work with Project Fellows over the past five years, we are focused on furthering how human-centered design can contribute to taking on complex social challenges.

Our goal is to empower leaders and practitioners in the nonprofit, philanthropy, government, and social impact fields to work in more effective, human, and strategic ways. In collaboration with these practitioners, we aim to redesign how this work is done, develop more effective interventions, and advance the sector as a whole.

We will continue our work through:

First-hand project work with partnering social sector organizations. This is an opportunity to both help advance meaningful work, and to test approaches to the work first-hand.

The DSS workshop, teaching methods, tools, and practices for using human-centered design in the social sector. The next 6-day workshop is scheduled for June 18-23, 2018. You can read about our last workshop and find more details here.

Development and publishing of tools and approaches for this work. You can find some our resources here.

Designing for Social Systems

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Designing for Social Systems Workshop

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Teaching Fellowship 2018-2019

The d.school teaching fellowship is a 13 month program aimed at developing excellence in the experiential teaching and learning of design thinking as related to critical interdisciplinary challenges. In 2018-2019, the fellowship will be co-hosted with Stanford's Center for Ocean Solutions. 

This year, we're looking for fellows that either have deep experience in design or an expertise in ocean science, policy, or the larger landscape of ecosystem health. This cohort of designer and ocean experts will work together to develop new content, courses, and opportunities at the intersection of design and the oceans. 

Teaching Fellows Application Details

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