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The d.school’s academic program is focused on helping people strengthen their creative abilities in order to apply them to the world. Using those creative abilities, our students take on projects and topics that require a new way of looking at what’s possible, frame problems, and produce innovative solutions both in class and beyond.

We exist at the crossroads

Innovation often happens at the edges of disciplines, and the d.school is a place where students and faculty with expertise in disciplines from all of Stanford’s seven schools can overlap and intersect. Design is the glue and common language for problem finding and solving. Because of this, our culture is entirely opt-in for both faculty and students, and our course offerings reflect the climate and needs of the moment.

We believe in experiential learning

All of our courses are based on experiential models of learning and we routinely innovate on what a course looks like. Our courses tackle real projects and many of them are held in situ in the context that is appropriate for the specific learning experience. 

We iterate our pedagogy

We believe in advancing the discipline of design, constantly re-imagining ourselves with expertise from beyond our walls. There’s no one way to “do design.” Our core, boost, and pop-out courses flex eight design abilities in various ways through a range of different tools, skills, mindsets, and processes.

Every year, our instructors come together and share their latest methods and artifacts. We strive to make some of these available to you to try, mash up, and make better.

If you’re interested in intersecting with us, teaching with us, or learning with us, dive in here!


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Director of Teaching & Learning

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