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Design, prototype, test, and share new approaches for helping students and teachers to feel safe.

Collaborate with colleagues in higher education and K-12.

Be a part of a small team of education designers with a deep commitment to equity, and the opportunity and responsibility to think radically about how to address inequity.

Learn from colleagues across the and beyond.

The fellowship will run for nine months starting by mid-September. The fellow will be a full-time employee of Stanford for the duration of the fellowship.


To apply for this role, please submit a cover letter, resume/CV, design work sample, writing sample, and an additional work sample in any medium that shows the essence of what you bring to the world (personal website, portfolio, publication, program design, other...) to the K12 team via email by July 15th, 2019:

The is committed to welcoming and supporting a diverse community of learners, teachers, and doers. As such, people with personal or professional experience as part of communities of color and underrepresented groups are especially encouraged to be in touch.

The K12 Lab has been on a journey to improve the current and future lives of students by investigating areas within education that are ripe for design work. One of our early questions was: How might we reduce trauma related to violence in K-12 schools? This question led us to a discovery phase where we engaged in research, identified leading thought partners in the field, read (a ton), and engaged our local education community in design sessions. We learned a lot. And of course we emerged with new questions. Our Reimagining School Safety Fellowship aims to take these insights and questions, and turn them into actionable ideas.

The Reimagining School Safety Fellowship is a nine-month program aimed at prototyping and testing ideas in response to the following design challenge:

How might we improve students’ emotional, physical, and mental safety in the wake of school gun violence?

Our Reimagining School Safety Fellow will combine the insights we gleaned in our discovery phase with their own expertise and experience to create a series of prototypes that can be tested within the education community. Our fellow will be good at creating, sharing, and iterating on their design work such that by the close of the fellowship; we will have high-fidelity prototypes that are ready to launch into the world.

The K12 Lab is a catalyst for creative confidence in the elementary and secondary education sectors. Through workshops, fellowships, and sharing open source tools, we teach using immersive real-world projects where creative problem-solving matters most. We aim to obliterate opportunity gaps in K-12 education by experimenting with new models and sharing design approaches with stakeholders in the K-12 sector. We make ideas happen.

The Reimagining School Safety Fellow will...

Move from insight to action

Examine and interrogate our early research in the field.

Ideate potential design solutions to meet the needs of educators and students.

Prototype + Test

Build and co-design prototypes (materials, resources, tools, experiences, etc.) with educators and students.

Test prototypes with educators and students, with a focus on understanding culture and power dynamics, and engaging historically marginalized groups.

Document + Engage

Codify the fellowship learning process by documenting ongoing design work and insights gained.

Design and facilitate opportunities for community engagement.

Engage the K12 Lab staff and community in the iterative process of design.

Have a bias toward creation

We are looking for individuals who can spend nine months with us building and testing radical prototypes.

Individuals who have a bias toward action and know how to jump in and start prototyping.

Have a bias toward equity and inclusion

Individuals who know how to actively seek collaborators from historically marginalized groups to co-design and test materials, tools, and learning experiences.

Individuals willing to engage the K12 Lab team and others to interrogate tools and materials through the lens of equity, inclusion, and social justice.

What we are looking for...

Individuals who have extensive experience in understanding student safety issues.

Individuals with design skills in prototyping, testing, and synthesizing learning with a broad spectrum of people.

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