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The K12 Lab designs professional development experiences that inspire educators and set them on a journey to creatively engage with their students, content, school, and community. Through experiences, resources, and tools, we are constantly developing ways to build the creative confidence of educators.

We teach teachers in the ways they are now being asked to teach -- in immersive real-world projects and experiences where creative problem-solving matters most. Since doing beats talking about doing, we embrace jumping into new, invigorating experiences. Sure, there’s some initial discomfort, but the reward becomes clear as educators stretch beyond their comfort zone to pick up new skills and mindsets.

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Since doing beats talking, we aim to instill a bias towards action in our network of educators. Tools and resources can spark dramatic change in familiar conditions. We strive to make, collect, and share creative practices for educators to try in schools. To experience these practices firsthand, consider attending our Discover Design Thinking program.

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America’s traditional school model is long past its “sell by” date. It was designed over 100 years ago to create and manage a skilled workforce for the Industrial Revolution. It predates Ford’s Model T, Edison’s light bulb, and Marconi’s radio. And yet, as those innovations have evolved into self-driving cars, LEDs, and virtual reality, the high school model is stuck in time—as segregated, myopic, and inflexible as ever. That is where the K12 Lab comes in. We make experiments happen.

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