Ramen Project

    WHAT is it?

    The Ramen project is a fast-paced project that asks sudents to "Design a Better Ramen Experience" Here's a quick overview from the brief:

    "Instant Ramen: it’s a meal for some people, for others a hot snack. Some people eat it every week, and some people only ate it in college. It’s study food, emergency food, camping food, and bulk food with a longer shelf life than your shampoo. Some eat it raw, some follow the directions, and for some, it’s the muse for whatever is in the fridge. It’s a million different things to (literally) a million different people in the US and around the world. For these reasons, it’s a great platform to learn and practice the user-centered design process. Its scale ensures that you can rapidly prototype it as an experience and as a product. Its variety ensures that you will have the opportunity and challenge of many points of view. Its ubiquity ensures that you will have many opportunities to observe its use and interview its users."

    WHY do we do it?

    While the Wallet Project takes students through the entire design process in 1 hour, the Ramen Project takes students through the entire design process in 1 week. The project is heavily scaffolded by design. As the quarter progresses (in Bootcamp) the scaffolding of each project will decrease while the complexity of each challenge will increase. The Ramen project intentionally isolated many of the variables found in a "real world" design project. The notebooks and stickers provide tudents with a clear map to follow from one step of the process to another. As students progress through the process we hope they:

    • become comfortable with some of the mindsets of design thinking:
    • being user-centered
    • prototype driven
    • having a bias toward action
    • showing rather then telling
    • learned the basic vocabulary and vernacular of the design process that we'll be using throughout the rest of the quarter including some discrete modes of the design process:
      • understand
      • observe
      • ideate
      • define
      • prototype
      • iterate
    • got outside of the classroom and observed and interviewed actual users
    • gained an appreciation for the iterative approach to prototyping
    • came to understand the value and methods of low-resolution prototyping
    • improved your visual communication skills and practiced sketching and rapid visualization
    • attempted to test your prototypes with users

    HOW do we do it?

    - Ramen Project Brief:
    Download file "Ramen_2008_brief_FIN.pdf"

    - Ramen LogbookStickers:
    Download file "RAMENSTICKERS2008.pdf"

    - Photos from Ramen Project (bootcamp 2008)
    - Where to purchase logbooks
    - Ramen d.brief Activity

    Credit: Dave Baggeroer


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