POV Madlibs


    To guide designers through the process of distilling a variety of needs and insights into a single point of view.


    5-20 min

    Group Size

    Any size will work but most effective in small groups 2-4

    What is a POV Madlib?

    A POV Madlibs is a tool that is used during the define stage of the design process to guide the designer through the process of synthesizing the needs and insights that they gleaned during the empathy stage. The define stage is arguably the most challenging stage of the design process and the madlib creates a clear structure through a fill-in-the-blank sentence to define a challenge.

    Why use a POV madlib?

    A point-of-view (POV) is your reframing of a design challenge into an actionable problem statement that will launch you into generative ideation. A POV Madlib provides a scaffolding to develop your POV. A good POV will allow you to ideate in a directed manner, by creating How-Might-We (HMW) questions based on your POV (see “Facilitating

    How to use a POV madlib?

    Use the following the madlib to capture and harmonize three elements of a POV: user, need, and insight.

    [USER] needs to [USER’S NEED] because [SURPRISING INSIGHT]

    Use a whiteboard or scratch paper to try out a number of options, playing with each variable and the combinations of
    them. The need and insight should flow from your unpacking and synthesis work. Remember, ‘needs’ should be verbs,
    and the insight typically should not simply be a reason for the need, but rather a synthesized statement that you can
    leverage in designing a solution.

    For example, instead of “A teenage girl needs more nutritious food because vitamins are vital to good health” try “A
    teenage girl with a bleak outlook needs to feel more socially accepted when eating healthy food, because in her hood a
    social risks is more dangerous than a health risk.” Note how the latter is an actionable, and potentially generative,
    problem statement, while the former closer to a statement of fact, which spurs little excitement or direction to
    develop solutions.

    Sample Lesson (6-10 min)

    Materials Pen, Paper, notes from empathy, attached hand out.

    1) Record Needs and insights (3 min)
    Give students the handout below and ask them to take 3-5 minutes to fill out the left side with the needs and insights that they discovered during the empathy build stage of the design process.

    2) Fill out Madlib (3 min)
    Direct students to the right side of the page and ask them to fill out the "madlib" on that side. For the "users need" section encourage students to fill it in with a verb so that they come up with an actionable and sufficiently broad problem statement

    Download file "pov madlib.pdf"
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