Teaching Fellowship

What to Expect


The teaching fellowship is 13 months in length. It begins early September 2018 and runs through the end of September 2019. Fellows are full-time employees at Stanford for the duration of the experiences, with full benefits and salary. 


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Approximately 50% of your time

  • Co-develop and teach an introductory course on Design for the Oceans.
  • Develop and teach at least one other student-facing learning experience as part of a teaching team.
  • Write and reflect on both your learnings as well as those from the larger d.school and Center for Ocean Solutions communities through internal and external publications.


Approximately 40% of your time

  • Experiment towards new methods for teaching and learning design inside and outside the classroom.
  • Do design work contributing to the Center for Ocean Solutions' experiments in new approaches to solving ocean problems.


Approximately 10% of your time

  • Become an expert in a specific design x oceans topic area and collect and share teaching methods as well as ‘state of the art’ in that discipline.
  • Form new relationships with collaborators both inside and outside Stanford.

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