Come spend Thursday happy hour trying a new design thinking experience that will boost team cohesion designed by Stanford Teaching Fellows! 

All you need to bring is yourself and 2 colleagues from your team (more the better, but you'll need at least a team of 3). We'll have the snacks and beverages. In 90 minutes learn how to SEE, THINK, MAKE or TELL through self-guided activities designed by Teaching Fellows. We hope you and your team can help us test our prototype and provide feedback before we launch it to the public!

Cost: Free

Who: Open to the public, just need to come as a team of 3 or more

When: 3-5pm, Thursday, August 3, 2017 

Where: Stanford, Building 550, 550 Panama Mall, Stanford University (directions).


Have you ever been on a team with someone unlike you?

Chances are you have and most likely you were not given tools for how to effectively collaborate with them. At the Stanford we get it. We almost always work in mixed teams – combining different backgrounds, instructors, students and disciplines – because we believe that solving complex problems requires diversity in thinking. However, working in such diverse teams can be challenging; we see this a lot as educators. We’ve designed this kit as a tool to help teammates overcome these challenges and begin working as a unit.

The Team Cohesion Kit is a ‘pressure-cooking’ device for new and old teams alike. Whether it’s to build understanding amongst individuals or to test group assumptions, we aim to foster cohesiveness through exposure to different ways of working. We speak from experience as Teaching Fellows: if there’s anything that we as experienced designers know, it’s that there’s no one right way to solve a problem. The ability to maneuver through different thought processes is what creates a cohesive team.


Teaching Fellows

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Holly May Mahoney

Stephanie Szabó

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