What will I learn?


This class is about turning the design process onto yourself, your relationships, and your career trajectory. Too many students are doing what they’ve always been told they’re good at, and are living with regret and a sense that they’re just resigned to doing this thing for the rest of their lives. Capabilities have displaced passion and values as the primary decision drivers in their lives. Our ultimate goal is to restore a sense of agency and passion into the lives of current Stanford students by creating the space to explore and experiment with the greatest design project possible: LIFE. We will turn d.school tools and mindsets onto the topic of our lives — not in theory, but in reality — and will prototype changes to make life more fulfilling and rewarding. We will actively empathize and experiment in your life, so if you don’t want to do that kind of self-examination, this class will not be a good fit for you.

Learn With

Teaching Team


Bernie Roth

Academic Director, d.school

Jeremy Utley

Director, Executive Education, d.school

Logan Deans

Lecturer, d.school