What will I learn?


Are you looking at trying new approaches to user testing in a live, captive audience environment? During this pop-out, we  will design and execute new testing frameworks that can provide meaningful feedback and insights to the Oakland  Athletics’, one of 30 Major League Baseball franchises, as they play the Boston Red Sox for a three-game series beginning  Friday, April 20. The class will continue on Saturday, April 21 and end with the third game of the series on Sunday, April 22.

As this pop-out is targeting students with prior design thinking experience, we will look to design new testing exercises that  focus on both qualitative and quantitative outcomes.

Students will leverage prior training on how to best process feedback from users in order to improve on the next round of  testing. We’ll build on the standard feedback (“What Worked?”, “What Didn’t Work?”, Questions, Ideas), but stress the use  of emerging feedback tools (facial recognition, etc.). Because this class is over three days, students will be able to iterate  and retest their assumptions and ideas during the course of the series. We will synthesize learnings after each day and  before the next game starts in order to maximize student learning and provide meaningful feedback to the Athletics.  Testing will involve game attendees and interactions with fans in order to give Athletics staff meaningful insights into their  fanbase.

We’ll use this framework to consider ways to improve not just the sports fan experience in 2018, but the entertainment  experience more broadly for years to come as the Oakland Athletics prepare to build the first new baseball stadium in the  Bay Area in over 20 years.

Araceli Ortiz
Head of Marketing for Stanford Athletics

Ward Bullard
Head of Products for Venues at Verizon Communications


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