What will I learn?


Imbibing the Invisible OR Stereoscopic Noses (not just for dogs anymore)

Have you ever been drawn to a person or place from their scent? Do you think your smell ability matches that of your dog"s? Have you ever designed a perfume or wanted to?

In this 1/2 day experimental workshop, the co-leads and self professed lovers of smell will curate fun activities and experiences, call upon your animal brain, share ( secret) local smell haunts to satisfy your curiosity, and give a design challenge worthy of the most adventurous and imaginative. You know who you are.

Teaching Team

Aleta Hayes
Lecturer Contemporary dance & Performance/Artistic

Carissa Carter
Director of Teaching and Learning, d.school

Ben Davidson
Director LGBT Community Resources Center


Any questions?


ahayes1@stanford.edu & carissa@dschool.stanford.edu