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Prototyping and Testing Self-Help Resources for Tenants Facing Eviction

While eviction has devastating economic, psychological, and social consequences, many tenants facing eviction choose not to attend their court hearing, and the majority of those who come to court still lose their case. Providing more lawyers to tenants would certainly improve the problem, but such a solution is not feasible in housing courts like Pima County Justice Court in which over 99% of all tenants were unrepresented last year. In response to this problem, many courts are attempting to create better self-help materials to ensure that tenants understand their rights and are able to meaningfully participate in the court process. In proposed collaboration with various courts and legal service providers, participants in this Pop-Up class will work to design, develop, and test eviction self-help materials designed to encourage tenants to come to court and meaningfully participate in their hearing.

Teaching Team

Margaret Hagan
Stanford Legal Design Lab Director

Daniel Bernal
Stanford Legal Design Lab Fellow


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