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Stories shape the people, process, and product of your design work. Learn how to shape better stories.

Stories help us make sense of the world around us. From a young age we begin to shape our own identity by forming a narrative in our head to help us understand—and remember—who we are in this world.

There are outside forces also actively trying to shape our narrative identities to have us fit within the story they want to tell (From religion and governments to friends and family). Sometimes we fit; but most times there is at least one thing that doesn’t quite fit...

So what happens when you don’t identify with the narrative that has been shaped in your head?

This class is an opportunity to understand how and why narrative identity works and explore what role design thinking might play in helping bringing awareness and agency to people looking to rewrite a narrative identity.

Students will work with local kindergarten students to understand how (and why) narrative identities are formed and produce an original children’s book designed to properly reflect that story.

Learn With

Teaching Team

Seamus Harte
Founder, Know Folk
Lecturer, Stanford d.school

Laura McBain
K12 Lab Director of Community & Implementation, Stanford d.school

Noah Stern
Filmmaking Professor and Writer/Director


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Seamus at seamus@knowfolk.com