What will I learn?


Learn how to make a lasting, measurable social change in your community that is inclusive of multiple stakeholders.

It’s impossible to truly see the world through someone else’s eyes, but to make systemic change, we need to be adept at considering the experiences of multiple stakeholders. Running into perspectives that are at odds can be uncomfortable. It is also natural to be more aware of some stakeholders than others. In this pop out, you will learn to identify and include more stakeholders, address the tension that arises between viewpoints, and craft solutions that meet the needs of many groups affected by a problem.

This pop out is about designing solutions to social problems when there are conflicting viewpoints about the best direction to head in. You can bring your own social impact project to this pop out or be placed on a team. The teaching team will be using its background designing for multiple stakeholders to address problems in criminal justice, healthcare, foster care, and other spaces. You can propose a project in any space as long as you’re passionate about it. During the pop out you’ll come to understand your stakeholder ecosystem better, how to address tensions between parties, and how to craft inclusive solutions. Expect to leave with a plan for how to move the project forward even after class, implementing solutions that are durable, sustainable, and validated.

Learn With

Teaching Team

Ariel Raz
Learning Experience Designer, K12 Lab

Libby Johnson
Lead Designer, DC Design

Durell Coleman
Founder & CEO, DC Design